Monday, January 20, 2014

Family Food Challenge

I tend to be a pretty healthy eater. My house is filled with vegetables, fruits, grains, all the delicious things you are supposed to be eating. But I don't think I have ever really focused on daily balance or portion size. I make my daughter eat her vegetables but portion sizes are "two more bites and you can get down from the table."

But what am I really teaching her with this? Am I teaching her that vegetables are a punishment? Am I teaching her to eat extra at dinner time even though she isn't hungry?  Am I teaching her that quantity is more important than quality?

I let her eat one cupcake at a party which is the size of 2 servings of vegetables, but fight tooth and nail to get her to eat one broccoli floret that isn't swimming in salad dressing. So today we are starting what we will call the "Family Food Challenge." We are going to use the portions on the food pyramid to guide our diet every day for one week to learn about portion sizes and dietary balance.

If we beat the pyramid and don't starve to death in the mean time, we are going to blow our efforts at Cold Stone Creamery at the end of the week.  If you'd like to join us in our efforts this week, I made a handy dandy food chart with fun clip art.
Good Luck!

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