Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Color Run Hits Lansing

 Yay The Color Run came to Lansing!  We signed up to do it twice this year since it came to our home town after we signed up elsewhere. For some reason, this event is just super fun.  It's really happy and really mellow.  Men and Women of all ages, shapes & sizes come out and everyone has a good time. There are wheel chairs and tutus and strollers everywhere. And they find charities specific to each town to support.

It seems to be becoming an annual family event.  Even my grumpy husband joins in and finds something to smile about.

Here we are before the race, getting ready to go out.

Me with my friend Marc and My TGU (Tiny Grown Up)

Hubby with a "Happy" Tattoo. It's a reminder.
So excited to do the Color Run.

I think he is a little nervous about his first time out being so colorful.

Last Color Run in Ypsi the sign said "I LOVE ORANGE"  I was glad they fixed it this time:

After the Color Run we went to Capitol City Scoop on Michigan Ave.  They let us use their restroom to was up and it was the first time Tiny Grown Up got to see her face in a mirror covered in color.  Emily was the young lady in charge of scooping the icecream. She was super friendly and patient (I am so indecisive).  The Ice Cream was from MSU Dairy and it was fantastic. Apparently their portion sizes are out of control. I asked for two scoops for Calli and I think they gave her a pint. So I went with one. 

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