Monday, July 8, 2013

Out West Part 2: No Services Next 100 Miles

Leaving Colorado, our friend Dan warns us to fill up every chance we get. Thank fully, we listened.

We passed by this sign on the way in (I missed the picture heading past the first time so we had to get a picture on the way out.) I was perplexed. We pondered the meaning of such a town name. Perhaps it was pronounced No-Nah-may. Perhaps it was a clerical error.  It doesn't come up on Google maps. We hit up Wikipedia when we got home. According to Wikipedia, No Name was named after No Name Creek and No Name Canyon. 
Seriously, it exists!

The view along Interstate 70 was absolutely stunning.  

Once we got into Utah, the gas stations became less frequent and we started seeing signs that said "No Services next 100 Miles." Boy was I ever glad my car still gets 35 miles to the gallon after 10 years!

We turned down 191 and headed toward Moab and Arches National Park.  The first night in the desert we spent at a place called the Aarchway Inn.  The front desk was a little slow, and seemed understaffed.  There was quite a line waiting and only one poor girl behind the desk when I came in.  They put us in the last available room and gave us something of a discount since the last possible room happened to be the honeymoon suite!  They had a pool overlooking the desert complete with stone dinosaurs.  I would definitely stay there again. The rooms were clean, the continental breakfast actually included hot food, the coffee was good, there was an onsite laundry  facility, and they even had a bicycle storage room.  I also liked that they had local art on display throughout the building and you could ask where to purchase it.  
We got swans!
So this is a desert? Cool.

What swimming experience would be complete without dinosaurs?


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