Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Out West Part 11: The Long way Home

On our last night in Colorado, we swung through a small town called Durango and ate at a small restaurant called Tacos Nayarit.  The place was packed and we had to wait for a seat. We took that as a great sign. The margaritas were strong, and  the homemade salsa was fantastic. Probably why there was a wait.

 They served horchata which is my daughter's all time favorite drink.  It is basically rice pudding with a straw.  They didn't have much in the meatless category, so I went with cheese enchiladas. They were divine. The Hubby went with a taco combination plate some were cactus, some were beef tongue.  The cactus was fantastic and he claims the beef tongue was even better but I wouldn't know.  

Then we moved on.
A Sinclair station with a dinosaur!

Black Eyed Susans along the highway.

Colorado Day Lilies

Someone can't wait to get home!

Wood Carving at the Colorado Visitor Center
We made a quick stop at the Double Nickel at exit 366 off I-80 in Waco, Nebraska.  I can't say that I liked the camping, but the amenities were pretty great. They had a swimming pool, a mini golf course, showers, flushing toilets, and a laundry facility.  There was probably wifi but I didn't check.  The R.V. campers looked at us like we were nuts when we were rolling up our tent, so I guess the feeling was mutual.
Taken by the only tent campers in an R.V. park.

For the 12 year old in me.

We finally rolled in around 11pm, having taken the longest road trip of my life.  Even with all the hiking, I think the fast food and sitting won out, as all my pants were too tight when I got home.  While I am terribly happy to shower and sleep in my own bed, I'm not really ready to start the diet and exercise plan.

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