Friday, July 19, 2013

Out West Part 10: Mesa Verde, Accidentallly

Our detour through Kayenta brought us to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.  We did the tour by car and stopped at all of the scenic overlooks.  Apparently you can take guided tours of most the ruins and there is even a  kiva you can climb down into. 

We wanted to hike the Petroglyph Trail. it was only about 2.5 miles and labeled "strenuous" but most of the walk wasn't that bad.  There were a lot of narrow stone stairs and a few places where I had to not look over the cliff, but we were able to do it with our 6.5 year old daughter in tow.
Ruins of Cliff Dwellings on the Petroglyph Trail

The petroglyphs just had a really awesome vibe.

Vultures posing

I totally failed to get a picture of one of my favorite parts of the petroglyph trail.  The path is fairly easy to follow for most the trail then just suddenly vanishes. There is a sign pointing straight up to direct you back to the trail.  UGH! It actually wasn't that bad. That's a lie. It was really fun.  We had to climb up the rock to find the next section of trail and it opened out along the cliff edge. 

The desert is full of awesome pokey things!
Thistle Bristle 

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