Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Girl Dreams

Me: "I'll tell you when you're an old lady, I promise."

Tiny Grown Up: "When I'm an old lady you'll be dead . . . maybe."

Me: "Well I promise to try not to die for a very long time, but right now you're a little girl and little girls should worry about little girl things like sparkly shoes and flowery dresses."

Tiny Grown Up: "Mom, I'm not like that any more."

Me: "You're not like what?"

Tiny Grown Up: "I'm not a little girl, I'm a big girl, with big girl dreams now."

Me: "You're right you are a big girl now. What are your big girl dreams?"

Tiny Grown Up: "Heroes."

Me: "What kind of heroes?"

Tiny Grown Up: "The kind that I can't be.  The kind with super powers that save people!"

I love this kid.

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