Monday, March 25, 2013

Zelda Princess of Hyrule

After several puppy leads fell through, I was beginning to become discouraged in our search.  Friday I was perusing just on a whim and just as i was about to get up and go to bed, I saw this sweet face.

First thing Saturday morning, I called the shelter she was at in Mount Pleasant, MI.  It was half an hour before they were supposed to be open and a real life human being answered the phone!  I told them our situation. Told them I saw her on the website and wanted to see if she was a match for my daughter, but we were an hour and a half away!  They readily agreed to hold her until we could get there.  Everyone we spoke to was eager to help.  I had to go to work, so Ben took my Tiny Grown Up  to meet her.  I left them with the instruction that we could only take her home if she gave a hundred kisses and they had to keep count.  Off to work I went.  

We have to go back to Mount Pleasant in a few days to finish up her second round of vaccinations.We have been very pleased with the staff at the Humane Animal Treatment Society.  They seem very eager to unite pets with happy homes.  Click the link to visit their website and see some other sweet critters in need of good homes!
I am so concerned about that! That! There!
That stuff you are putting in your mouth!  
What if it is poisoned?
What if it tastes horrible?
What if you forget to drop some on the floor?

Besties already!

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