Monday, February 4, 2013

Mom Lulz

 Being a Mom has been the most interesting experience . . . Scratch that.  Being a Mom has been a series of the most interesting, terrifying, humorous, and wonderful moments of my life.

"Mom, I had the worst day ever!" 
"How could you have the worst day ever when you have koala ears?"

"Mom! Why are you laughing? I am doing it right ya know!"

Why wouldn't a mustache accessorize with this tutu?

"No spiders allowed, huh?" 
"Yeah! I don't want spiders to go in my house."
 "Well it will certainly keep out all the spiders that can read."
 "Can spiders read?"


2012 Color Run Ypsilanti, MI

Unbridled joy.

"No Baby, you can't have a Latin Kings, Bunny. Our neighborhood is mostly Bloods."

Best Gift Ever!

Wyatt Earp and her Mom 

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