Saturday, December 15, 2012

Today I wrote the Huffington Post

And today, I made a post on facebook about how angry media coverage of such tragic events as Columbine, Aurora, and Newton make me.

Dear News, 
Please get out of the faces of those poor kids and their families. You can talk about these things from a distance. Outside the churches and community centers where they are gathering for support. An 8 year old's face immortalized in sorrow because you shoved your camera there to sensationalize their pain . . . It doesn't make me interested in your news. It makes me hate your actions, it makes me hate your media scare tactics, your insensitivity, your desperate need for popularity, fame, money, ratings. 

And. . . 

Dear America, 
Please stop telling the news this is what you want. Shut off your t.v. and tell news reporters you don't want to see tears streaming down the faces of children that should be alone with their families who love and support them. Staring mindlessly with your back side on your couch 500 miles away is not going to make that little girl feel any better. It is not going to help anyone, you aren't going to learn any thing new. You know it was awful. You already know those kids were terrified. Don't buy the products advertised on news programs that are invading the space of grief stricken children. Complain to your station. Write the AP.

So today, I sent this letter to the Huffington Post:

I understand people want drama, media scare tactics get ratings, images of suffering children pull viewers. I know you do what Average Joe tells you to do. I just want you to know that I came to your page to donate to this cause and what I found was pictures of suffering children better left alone, sensationalizing the sorrow and fear of innocents. Reports can happen from outside of schools and community centers and churches. These children and families are going through enough right now and asking them to publicly recount the tragedy. Photographing their pain. It disgusts me.  So in response, I will not be purchasing anything advertised on any page with close up images of these children and their families.  Not from any website, not from any news show.  I will not look to you for news coverage of this event or any other major tragedy. Thank you for your time

And it felt great.

I plan to do more of this, and I ask that as a human being, a mother, a father, you think about how you would feel if your child was in that building and came out to a heard of reporters snapping pictures and asking questions. How you would feel if you were trying to console your child to be interrupted by strangers. How you would feel if your child's face became the image to sadden the world into doing what? Giving higher ratings to a News Company. They are not there for the families, they are not there to tell you what happened, they are not there because they care. They are there because they are paid to be. They are there to shock, delight, and amaze.  Don't support it.

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