Sunday, December 2, 2012

DIY Bottle Cap Earrings

How to Make Spinning Bottle Cap Earrings:

You will need:

-A Well Ventilated Work Space
-2 Bottle Caps Removed From the Bottle Without Damaging the Cap (using a bottle opener will destroy the                  cap and unused caps will not spin)
-Antibacterial Soap
-Several Sheets of Paper Towel
-White Spray Paint/Primer. (I've tried many different kinds and the cheapest of the available spray paints and  primers tends to work best.  The really expensive metal specific primers tend to chip off fastest)
-A Smooth Quarter Inch Paintbrush That You Don't Expect To Keep
-Photoshop or Other Photo Editing Program
-Picture You Want to Use
-Regular Printer Paper
-1 inch Circle Paper Punch
-Bottle of Decoupage
-Metal Punch for creating 1mm hole
-Can of Clear Water Resistant Spray Craft Sealant 
-Large, Medium, and Small Beads (I recommend seed beads for small and medium and something fun for the large beads)
-French Wire Hooks
-2  2inch Eye Pins
-4  2inch Head Pins
-Looping Pliers
-Flat Pliers
-Wire Cutter/Cutting Pliers/Dykes whatever you prefer to call them.

1.) Wash and disinfect your bottle caps. Allow them to dry thoroughly.

2.) When the caps are completely dry, spray paint the tops white, careful to hit all the edges, all the way around. Spraying in short bursts in most effective. Allow to dry and apply a second coat in accordance with your spray paint's instructions for multiple coats.

3.) Soak your paintbrush in water for a bit so it is flexible and soft when it is time for gluing

4.)While everything is soaking and drying, load your image into your photo editing program.  I do these in bulk, so I tend to set an 8.5x11 blank canvas to work with with a medium to high resolution.  You want to choose an image without too much detail as you will be scaling it down to 1 inch in size and printing on non photo paper. 

  • a.) Go to the "View" tab and select view "grid" and "snap to" both "grid" & "guides"
  • b.) If your photo is on a white back ground, this will be much easier and you can skip this step.  Click on your image in the editing work space and remove the image from the background. You can use the back ground eraser,  the selection tools etc, whatever you are most comfortable with. When you have the back ground erased, select your image, and right click to feather the edges until the image appears smooth.
  • c.) If your image is already on a white background, use the elliptical or rectangular marquee tool to select your image.  
  • d.) Ctrl+C to pick up your image, select your blank canvas and ctrl-V to paste the image onto the blank page. Now scale your image up or down until it fits within one of the one inch grid boxes.  
  • e.) Use the eyedropper tool to select a color from within your image
  • f.) Go to Custom Shape Tool and select the circle shape with the thin outline. Starting in the top left corner of your one inch grid square, drag your cursor to the bottom right. Your circle should surround your image completely.  
  • g.) Flatten your image when you are satisfied then use the marquee tool to totally surround your image circle and all. Ctrl+C to copy and and ctrl-V to paste. Move the copied image and place it so that it doesn't interfere with the original image.
  • h.) When you are satisfied, print on regular photo paper, being sure not to scale the item to fit etc.  Then use you 1 inch hole punch to cut the image out.

5.) When the spray paint has dried thoroughly on your bottle caps (usually 24 hours) Dry your paintbrush as thoroughly as possible on a paper towel. If it is wet, it will smear the image on your bottle cap.  Paint a thin coat of decoupage onto your cap, place the image, and paint another coat of decoupage over the top. Be sure to decoupage all around the edges as well.  More coats help prevent the paint from scratching.

6.)Use your metal hole punch to place holes in either end exactly opposite each other to turn your bottle cap into a bead.

7.) Coat your new bead in spray sealant and allow to dry completely.

8.) Place one medium bead onto the eye pin, then slide the bottle cap on through only the bottom hole.  Place the beads onto the eye pin inside the bottle cap, then very carefully slide the cap up and insert the eye pin through the second hole.  Place a matching medium bead on the opposite side. Use your looping pliers to make an eye loop on the top.

9.)Use your flat pliers to attach your french wire hooks.  Do this for both bottle caps and eye pins.

10.)  Slide a small bead onto your head pin. Next use a medium, then a large. Use your looping pliers to bend an eye at the top of the head pin. Do this for all 4 head pins.  Trim the excess.  Attach 2 of your decorated head pins to the bottom of each eye pin.

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