Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recycled Soda Bottle Planter

I have two terribly mischievous kitties. And often my kitchen floor looks something like this:

They are indiscriminate plant killers. So far my cats have destroyed  dieffenbachia, dracaena, pothos, philodendron, schefflera, peace lily,  african violet, geraniums, and spider plants without remorse. This image is my poor begonia.  We have been having a 3 year battle over the life of my poor little palm. Sometimes they eat them, sometimes they sleep in them, sometimes they bat them apart, but most often, they just lay down next to the pot, knocking it off the table. I am not completely sure, but I do think they put forth their best feline efforts at maximizing the inconvenience factor.   They seem to wait until I have finally gotten my daughter to bed and just as she drifts off . . . SMASH!  Too late to make a quick dash to the store, I scramble to save the poor helpless broken root systems. 

So here are some of my late night potting solutions:

You will need
 an empty 1 or 2 liter bottle
a pair of scissors
a knife
5 minutes

The bottom of a 2 liter makes for an excellent plant saucer:

If you need a whole pot, start by unwrapping an empty 2 liter.  I marked in sharpie where I usually cut to make a pot.  

Cut it into 3 pieces.  The top with the spout, the middle body, and the bottom saucer.  Be sure you do not leave any sharp spots or rough edges. 

 Flip the top upside down into the body.

Slide the bottom saucer into the body underneath the drain spout. 

You now have a makeshift flower pot.  The body cylinder stabilizes the unit and prevents tipping while the pour spout allows the soil to drain and the saucer collects run off.  If you are up to it, you can decorate the outside body of the flower pot with decoupage or paper mache for a more permanent potting solution.

OR. . .

 If you have a 1liter of Mountain Dew, cut the bottle again into 3 parts, but this time, the center is disposable.  

Just flip the top upside down into the bottom saucer again, but you don't need the center cylinder to stabilize the Mountain Dew bottle because it is designed a little differently and is stable enough like this.

For a Pepsi brand pot, I wrapped the 2 liter pot back up in it's original wrapper to shade the roots.  I recommend other forms of decoration, unless bachelor chic is all the rage where you live. 

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