Friday, November 9, 2012

Pen Clips

My mother's birthday is January first and i have of course bought her a calendar every single year since my grandmother passed that task on to me. In recent years, when I would visit my mom, she would always have lost her pen so I decided to make a clip that never needed to be removed from her calendar. Something long enough to write with but pretty enough that she would leave it up. Then I made one for myself and it has come in quite handy on a daily to weekly basis. 

Now you have the chance to never lose your pen again! This OOAK ocean themed pen clip has a variety of shades of aqua blues and greens. It is made from a hemp cord with glass beads. On one end there is a cluster of dyed shell beads and on the other a cluster of emerald green dangles. Handy enough to keep track of your pens, and pretty enough show off.

Attach the pen clip, slide in your pen, and never have to hunt your pen down again! The cord is long enough to write with without removing it from your calendar or planner (21.5 inches in length from the pen to the clip). Clip it to your purse, your planner, calendar, spiral note book, or journal. Anything that has a tab or slot or binding to which it can be safely fastened. Then when the receptionist says "do you have a pen handy?" The answer will always be yes.
The aqua blue/green pen clip is available for sale at This particular piece uses some upcycled/recycled components along with new.

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